Balancing on the Edge: Toolkit for Peak Performance in Work & Life

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Learn how to move through a stressful, busy, demanding life without becoming irritable, depressed, or exhausted. A more balanced, joyful and powerful life is possible for you. You could have a life where you can handle frustrations without losing your center, where you can enjoy other people and your work, even when work is demanding. Your life could be one where you can be in charge of who you are and stop trying to control things you can’t control; one where you find the renewal you need so you can return to your activities refreshed.

If you don’t have a healthy balance between home and work, you are not alone.

Over 70% of workers do not think there is a healthy balance between work and their personal lives.

59% believe they suffer ill health as a result of work stress.

You could feel lighter, be more fulfilled, and be the one in charge of your balance, every day of your life.

Dynamic Balance

Balance is dynamic; always changing, never stable. Work-life effectiveness is based on making clear choices that will support the integration of your work and life. These choices are not always obvious or simple. But they do lead to satisfying work and a life that you want to live.

Elite Performance

Balance is not optional for high performers. Sustainable, elite performance depends on more than hard work or busyness. High performers, who are committed to responsible work-life choices, create balance that in turn supports effectiveness. When work demands escalate, it becomes extremely important to balance the extra exertion with additional recovery. This strengthens endurance, prevents damage and enhances effectiveness.

Balancing on the Edge Toolkit

The Balancing on the Edge Toolkit will soon be available for purchase. It will include the Work-Life Effectiveness Assessment. This toolkit will help you:

  • Assess your current work-life effectiveness
  • Establish a mind set for elite performance
  • Learn to make micro-adjustments for renewal that can be applied anywhere and develop renewal strategies that can be applied at work
  • Distinguish bad stress from good stress
  • Recognize the physical, cognitive and psychological effects of bad stress and imbalance and how that applies to you
  • Identify the difference between being work-centric or workaholic and how that applies to you
  • Understand the role of recovery and taking breaks in achieving optimal performance, especially after a period of intense stress or exertion
  • Identify resistance or obstacles to your own work-life effectiveness
  • Deal with “push back” from others
  • Recognize the role of intention and counter-intention in the change process
  • Find alternatives to some of your limiting stories about change
  • Learn how to create new rituals and convert them into supporting habits

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If You Can't Wait, Take the Assessment

If you can't wait for the Balancing on the Edge Toolkit, go ahead and take the Work-Life Effectiveness Assessment. When the Balancing on the Edge Toolkit becomes available we can let you know, so you can you can purchase it at a discounted price.

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