The Work-Life Effectiveness Assessment

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Your work-life effectiveness is the foundation for success. But it can be elusive. Balance is a dynamic dance that changes all the time. There is no rule or simple solution. But there are specific skills, core principles, and best practices that can help you become a living example of work-life effectiveness.

If this is you, take action now

Are you one of the seven in ten workers who has experienced three or more stress related illnesses? You don’t have to be.

If you take better care of your business than you do yourself, your future success may be in jeopardy. You could make smarter choices.

If you are too stressed or if your work-life balance is precarious or has fallen off the cliff, consider the costs.

It may not be possible to put a price tag on what matters most but your return on investment will be unmistakable.

If not now, when?

When you take the Work-Life Effectiveness Assessment, you'll rate yourself according to 40 behaviors. The results will help you:

  • Manage the competing demands of your work and personal life.
  • Expand and anchor your real value.
  • Discover what limits your personal balance and what to do about it.

This assessment and the report that comes with it, will give you the boost you need, to claim all you can be and to take responsibility for all that you want to achieve. You can do this by respecting yourself, your life, and your well-being enough to establish structured support and prioritize wisely.

If you want the freedom that comes with greater work-life effectiveness, it’s within your reach. Even with the extraordinary demands of a demanding professional life or a high impact role, you can take charge of your balance, your health, your life, your future.

Take the Assessment

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You can then go directly to the Work-Life Effectiveness Assessment and take it immediately or when you have a few minutes. It doesn't take long. After completing it, you'll get your results and report right away.

Included in the Assessment

You'll take the assessment online. Your scores will be sent to you right away. You will receive an overall score as well as a score in each of these areas:

  • Self-care
  • Invest in Your Potential
  • Manage Relationships
  • Develop Resilience

Your scores will be accompanied by a 35 page report that:

  • Interprets your total score
  • Explains each of the four focus area
  • Interprets area scores
  • Includes the contents of the Work-Life Effectiveness Tips Booklet with information on how to make improvement in each focus area.

The $47 you invest will change your life. Act now.

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