Self-Care Assessment

self-care logo Self-care is a necessity, especially if your life is busy or stressful. It is the foundation for happy relationships and heightened performance at work. When self-care is learned and practiced, you are more centered and have much more to offer. Everyone benefits.

For many people, self-care is associated with being selfish. In practice, though, it is rarely selfish and actually offsets many negative behaviors. Most often, the close friends, work associates and family members appreciate the positive impact of a person who practices excellent self-care.

Each of the 40 items in this assessment points to behaviors and choices you can develop. In just 5 minutes, you can discover:

  • How well you take care of yourself
  • Skills to strengthen your self-esteem
  • How to expand and anchor your personal value
  • Gaps in your personal power and what to do about it.

Take the Self-Care Assessment

If you'd like a copy of the FREE Self-Care Assessment, contact Barbara. She'll send you a copy.

Self-Care: The Foundation for Work-Life Effectiveness

The four pillars of Work-Life Effectiveness are:

  1. Self-care
  2. Investing in Your Potential
  3. Managing Relationships
  4. Deepening Your Resilience.

Self-Care is the most fundamental. If your work-life balance is not what you'd like it to be, start with the Work-Life Effectiveness Assessment.

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